The Message widget is available in the widget picker and can be added to any flightdeck or the noticeboard. It can be used for feedback, messaging or even safeguarding. To get started, find it in the widget picker:

Once a Message widget has been added, it must be configured. Click 'Add details':

Now write a suitable message and provide one or more email addresses for messages to be sent to. Multiple email addresses must be separated with a comma. When you are satisfied with your configuration, click Save:

The Message widget is now configured on the flightdeck or noticeboard:

Users who have access to the configured widget can now send feedback/messages directly to the configured email address. They can include their own email address or can optionally leave this blank for anonymous feedback.

If you have permission to do so, you may edit the Message widget details at any time by click the options menu and choosing 'Edit details':