Airhead Channel is a stream of notices that have been targeted to you by establishment administrators or Airhead staff. Every Airhead user has their own Channel containing their own stream of notices:

Here, there are 3 unseen notices, denoted by the red counter next to the Channel menu item.

Longer posts can be expanded by clicking the 'More' button:

The post will expand to show all content:

Notices have 3 states:

  • Unseen - denoted by a blue pip.
  • Updated - denoted by a green pip. These notices have been updated since last marked as seen.
  • Seen - No pip next to the title.

Clicking the 'Mark as seen' button will remove the green or blue pip and decrement the unread count in the menu and Notices widget. Click 'Mark as seen':

The notice is marked as seen and the unread count is decremented by 1:

If you have Channel open and a new post is published to you, there will be a notification at the top of your stream:

Clicking the green bar will refresh your stream and drop your new notices in at the top:

You can also get a quick heads up view of your Channel by adding the Notices widget to your noticeboard or flightdeck.