Administrators have the ability to post notices to the establishment(s) they administer. These notices will appear in the Channel and Channel widget of targeted users. The Notices section can be found under admin settings. To get started click Create Notice:

Publishing options

You are now given the publishing options for your notice:

Publishing state:

  • Published - the notice will be published upon save
  • Scheduled - the notice will be published at a specified date and time
  • Draft - the post will not be published yet

Expiry date - if this is checked the notice will automatically expire at the set date and time and return to 'Draft' state.

Roles - by default the post will be targeted at all roles in your establishment(s) or you can choose to target specific roles:

You can optionally choose to make a notice public which will allow users subscribed users from outside your establishment to view this notice.*

Notice content

The notice is made up of an optional title, body text and optional tags:

Title is optional but can be useful when viewing notices from the Notices Widget. Content is created with the rich text editor which has many useful text editing options. Once you have created your notice, click Save. The notice will now be published, scheduled or remain in draft according to the publishing options you have set:

Posts may now be edited or deleted if required. 

*Public notice feed subscription isn't currently available. This will be available in a future release.