If you manage your own Airhead user accounts, these must be created and updated using a csv file. To get started, simply click 'Download file' in the Provisioning tab of the admin section:


This will download a csv file that shows the current state of the users in your establishment. If you have not created any users, the file will just contain the header row. We will use the example where no users have yet been provisioned. Open the file in your csv editor of choice. Here, we will use Microsoft Excel:


There are 8 possible fields:

  • id - An identifier for each user which must be unique within the establishment. We recommend starting with 10001 and incrementing from there.
  • name - The display name of the user, typically in the format 'Forename Surname'
  • role - The user's role in Airhead. Choose between:
    • Teaching Staff
    • Non-teaching Staff
    • Pupil
    • Parent
    • Early Years
    • Other
  • username - the username that the user will use to login. This must be unique within the establishment, e.g. if you have 2 John Smith's, usernames could be jsmith and jsmith1
  • password - The user's password
  • emailAddress - The user's email address
  • misId - The user's MIS identifier from your MIS system. This can be used to sync MIS data such as timetable. This is an optional field.
  • groups - The groups which you wish to create as part of the provisioning process. This is an optional field.

Here is an example of a file that will create 2 users:


Save the file, ensuring you keep the csv format, and choose 'Upload file' from the provisioning screen:


Choose the file from your filesystem and optionally add a comment. Comments are a useful addition to the provisioning history:


Click Upload:

The data will be processed and analysed to determine your changes:


Once the system has analysed the changes made by the file, the screen will refresh and you will be asked to approve or reject these changes:


The system has determined that 2 new users are to be added. If you wish to proceed, click Approve changes or, if you do not wish to proceed, click Reject changes. Here, we will approve changes. The system will process the changes:


Once the changes have been processed, the new users will be able to login with the username and password you set.