If you have an Airhead account but had previously been accessing Airhead using a free account, you may have some content you wish to copy to your new account. There are a few simple steps to take in order to copy your content across:

1. Log in to Airhead with your original account. Find the resource you wish to copy and share it publicly:

Click share:

Choose the Public tab and tick 'Share this launchpad publicly'. Click Save then copy the public link which is generated. If you have several resources to copy, then it may be useful to put the links into a notepad file.

Copy the link. 

2. Log out of Airhead.

3. Paste the public address into the address bar of your browser and access the resource. You will be shown the public view of the resource. Click 'Add to Airhead':

4. You will be taken to the Airhead login page. Choose the appropriate login provider and log in with your new account:

5. Note that the resource is now available in your new Airhead account in the 'Added by me' column:

You can either leave the resource here and access it as required or you can take a copy of the resource in order to retain full ownership.