Please note, the PDF Viewer widget is an additional cost option and as such will not appear in your widget picker. Please contact Airhead for further details.

Using the PDF Viewer widget to upload PDF files to Airhead

Add the PDF widget from the widget picker:

Add a PDF file to the widget. You can either click 'Add PDF' and browse for the file, or you can simply drag your chosen file directly on to the widget and it will upload to Airhead:

Once the file has uploaded, it will display in the widget:

If you click the down arrow at the top right of the widget, you can access the widget options:

  • Refresh - refresh the view of the PDF from the Airhead servers
  • Edit PDF - allows you to clear the current PDF file and upload a new one.
  • Rename - rename the current widget title. By default the widget title will be the name of the file you have uploaded. 
  • Full screen - display the PDF file in full screen.
  • Download - Download the PDF file to your computer. 

As with all other widgets, you also have the option to copy or move the widget to another flightdeck or remove it if desired.