Apester is a free to use, digital storytelling network. With Apester you can create different items of digital content called 'VoicRs'. A VoicR can be a poll, a quiz, a personality test or a video poll. Apester content works really well with Airhead and is a fantastic way of displaying interactive content on a flightdeck. 

To begin with, sign up for a free Apester account. Once you have created your account and signed in to Apester, you can look at their help articles such as:

Once you have created some content, it is really easy to embed it on your flightdeck. We will look at the example of creating and embedding a simple poll. 

Create the quiz VoicR on Apester. Click the 'Create New' button at the top right of the screen:

Click 'Poll':

Add a question with at least two answers to choose from:

Edit your feedback text:

Once you are happy with the content, you can set the duration that the poll will run for and then click 'Publish':

The publishing options are shown. Click the 'iFrame' button:

Copy the embed code to your clipboard:

Add an Apester widget to your flightdeck and click 'Add poll or quiz':

Paste the embed code in and click 'Save':

The poll is displayed and is fully interactive within your flightdeck: