The Files widget in Airhead allows you to display files from your Google Drive or Office 365 OneDrive. To get started, add a Files widget to your flightdeck from the widget picker. You will have an unconfigured Files widget on your flightdeck. Here, you have the option to link an existing account or add a new one. This article explains how to add a Google account, for example. Click 'Link Account' and your Files will appear in the widget:

Now that your account has been configured, your files will appear in the widget:

You can click and drill into folders:

The folder will open and a breadcrumb trail will show at the top of the widget. You can use the breadcrumb trail to navigate back up the folder hierarchy. Click a file will open the file in a new browser tab.

To unlink your Google Drive or Office 365 OneDrive from the Files widget, simply click the arrow at the top right hand side of the widget and choose 'Unlink account:'

As with all other widgets, you also have the ability to refresh, rename, copy, move or remove from the flightdeck.