For many popular tiles including Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, BBC and Scratch, Flight Attendant will fill in your login details automatically. In fact, there are around 300 tiles in Airbase that are enabled for simplified sign on via Flight Attendant!

You can securely store your login details for these sites in your Airhead profile. If you share a launchpad that has a tile or tiles configured for auto fill, these details will not be shared along with the launchpad. Log in details are entirely personal and stored in your profile.

When you have Flight Attendant installed and authorised, tiles that are auto fill enabled will have an orange key symbol:

To enter credentials, right click the tile and click 'Enter here':

Enter your username and password and click 'Save':

The key symbol will turn green:

Now when you click the tile, Flight Attendant will auto fill your login details for the website:

All you have to do is click the Log in button!