If you have installed and authorised the Flight Attendant extension, you can use it to quickly create tiles from any website you happen to be on. 

Navigate to a website you wish to create a tile for and click the Flight Attendant icon:

Click 'Add to Airhead':

You will be shown the tile creation options:

In this example, there is already a tile for BBC News in Airbase so we don't have to create a new one. You can choose which launchpad to add the tile to or click 'More options...' to view the description and tags. These fields are not editable as you are adding an existing tile.

Once you have selected the correct launchpad from the drop down list, click 'Add tile'. The tile will be added to the launchpad you have selected.

To add another tile, navigate to the web resource in your browser. In this example, we have chosen the Science & Environment section of BBC News. Click the Flight Attendant icon:

Click 'Add to Airhead':

You are now shown the tile creation options. Note, the last launchpad you selected to add a tile to is still selected. This is intended to make it easy to create many tiles and add to a launchpad. If you wish to change launchpad, just click the drop down menu and select a different one. 

Since this tile has not been found in Airbase, you have the option 'Share with anyone' which will add the tile to Airbase. The tile icon has been automatically selected from the website. If no icon can be found on the website, Flight Attendant will provide a default icon. Any tiles you create with Flight Attendant can be edited later if so desired.

You can simply add the tile from here or click 'More options...' to edit all tile details: 

All tile options are shown:

Once you are happy with the Name, Description and Tags fields, click 'Add tile' to automatically create and add your new tile to the selected launchpad. These fields are especially useful if you choose to share the tile in Airbase as they will help others to discover your resource.

The tiles will appear on the launchpad as you add them: