If you have installed and authorised Flight Attendant, you can set your Groupcall IDaaS credentials in your Airhead profile. Once this is complete, you can use Flight Attendant for express sign in to Airhead. Note, you must already have installed and authorised Flight Attendant for this process to work.

Click the cog icon at the top right of Airhead to access your profile page:

Click Flight Attendant and then click 'Enter details':

Enter your Groupcall IDaaS credentials and click 'Save':

Now that you have securely stored your IDaaS credentials in your Airhead profile, Flight Attendant can use these to automatically log you into Airhead. It is a very simple process, just click the Flight Attendant icon and click 'Open Airhead':

Flight Attendant will sign you into Airhead without having to enter your username and password.

What happens if I enter the wrong username/password?

When using stored credentials to access Airhead, Flight Attendant check to ensure the credentials are valid. If you have the wrong credentials stored in your Airhead profile or your password has expired, you will encounter the following error when you attempt to open Airhead with Flight Attendant:

The Flight Attendant icon will be flagged for attention. Click the icon:

The message states that your username and/or password was incorrect. It is easy to correct this. Just log in to Airhead manually in the web browser and open the Flight Attendant section of your personal settings. Again, the error is highlighted. From here you can click 'Clear details':

You can now click 'Enter details' to correct the error or put your new password in:

Now log out of Airhead and then log back in by clicking 'Open Airhead' in Flight Attendant. The warning flag will clear from the Flight Attendant icon.