Flight Attendant is a browser extension developed for the Google Chrome web browser and is available for Chrome for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Chromebook devices. Google does not currently allow Chrome extensions for iOS or Android devices so Flight Attendant is not available on these mobile platforms due to Google and Apple restrictions.

Flight Attendant lets you quickly open and switch to Airhead. It can also fill in your login details to many websites. It’s the perfect compliment to your Airhead experience, making it even easier and more fun than ever to access the best that the web has to offer.

To locate and install Flight Attendant, visit the Chrome Web Store and search for 'Airhead' or click here to go directly to the Flight Attendant store location.

Click 'Add to Chrome':

Click 'Add extension':

Flight Attendant is now installed and can be accessed by clicking the Airhead icon on the top right hand corner of Chrome, next to the address bar. Click the icon:

You now have to authorise Flight Attendant with your Airhead account. Click 'Log in':

Choose an account to log in with:

Once you have completed the log in process, you will see this message:

Click Open Airhead to launch Airhead in the same tab. Flight Attendant is now authorised with your account and is ready for use. The next time you come to use Airhead, just click the Flight Attendant icon in your Chrome browser and click Log in and you will be signed into Airhead.

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