Go to docs.com and sign in with your Office 365 account. This will create you a free www.docs.com account which you can use to publish PDFs.

Once signed in, click Publish:

Either drag a PDF from your local files into the box on the left or click the box to open the file upload dialogue. Choose your PDF file to upload and then click OK:

Once the PDF has uploaded, you can edit the description and choose a suitable publishing license. Once you have finished editing the publishing details for the PDF, click Done:

Click Done again:

Now that the PDF has been published, click the document on the docs.com  screen to open it up:

When the PDF has loaded, click the Embed link:

Choose the small embed option and copy the code to your clipboard:

In an Airhead content viewer widget, paste the code in the HTML code box and set the widget height to 500px:

Your PDF is now displayed on the flightdeck. Remember to rename the widget title and you can also set the title link to the PDF inside docs.com:


You can embed your PDF without titles if you grab the URL from the embed code and paste it into the URL field of the content viewer widget:

Open the content viewer widget and grab the URL after 'src=' (everything inside the quote marks):

Paste the URL into the Web address field and click Save:

The PDF will display without titles and will occupy the full size of the content viewer widget: