OneDrive is an online service provided by Microsoft for uploading, managing and sharing your documents. 

There are two versions of OneDrive. 

  • The "Education and Business" version for organisations, comes with Microsoft Office 365 and is based on Microsoft SharePoint document libraries. These links will usually start with your organisation Office 365 tenancy name and references to SharePoint. For example ""
  • The "Personal" version for individuals and comes with Microsoft Live, Hotmail, Office 365 Personal and Home accounts. These links usually start with ""

The OneDrive widget can embed OneDrive documents from either version, but the steps required are different.

Click here for the Education and Business version

Click here for the Personal version

How to embed a document from the Education and Business version

This article explains how to embed Word, Excel and PowerPoint files from OneDrive for Education and Business using the Airhead OneDrive widget. Please note that embedding PDF files and video files is not currently supported by Microsoft.

The following short video clip shows how to upload a document to OneDrive and embed it in Airhead using the instructions below.


Grab the link for the file

To begin, you must generate a public link for the file. Navigate to the file in OneDrive. Click the 3 dots next to the file and choose "Get a link" from the menu as shown below:

You must ensure that the link is set to 'View link - no sign-in required" and copy this link to your clipboard:

Embed the file in a OneDrive widget

Add a OneDrive widget to your flightdeck and click 'Add a document':

Paste or drag the link into the Embed code box as shown below, configure your desired widget height and click "Save":

The document will now display in your OneDrive widget:

If you wish to see the file in full size, simply click the title of the widget and it will be opened up in a new tab.

How to embed a document from the Personal version


This article explains how to embed Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other files from OneDrive for Personal using the Airhead OneDrive widget. 


1. Sign into your OneDrive at



2. Right click the document you wish to embed and choose Embed from the menu:



3. Click ‘Generate’:



4. Copy the embed code that is generated:

5. On your OneDrive widget, click ‘Add document’:

6. Paste the embed code in and click ‘Save’:



7. Your document is displayed in the OneDrive widget: