Following feedback and consultation with many Google Apps customers, we have made a significant improvement to the way Airhead integrates with Google Apps. In order to facilitate the improvements, all existing Google Apps customers will be asked to grant permission again for Airhead to link up with their Google Apps account. Once the changes have been made, you will see a message like this the next time you sign into Airhead using you Google Apps account:

Why are we doing this?

In the past, there were several steps needed in order for a Google Apps user to link their email and calendar with Airhead. First, you would have to approve your Google account with Airhead in order to log in initially. A further approval was required when you manually linked your Google account to pull your email and calendar items into Flightdecks. This new method ensures that the Google account is linked up for email and calendar from first login. 

Why is this better?

This is a better solution as Google Apps customers will only need one initial authorisation to integrate their account with Airhead. After this is done, it is simply a case of adding email and calendar widgets to Flightdecks and choosing your pre-approved Google account.

What happens to my existing email and calendar widgets?

Nothing will change with existing widgets. These will work as before. The new integration simply means that it will be easier and quicker for new Google Apps users to integrate their email and calendar with Airhead.

What will Airhead use my Google Apps details for?

Clicking 'accept' allows you to view your Google data on your flightdecks. We'll never use your data for any other purpose without your permission.