The administrator must configure a Starter Launchpad for each of the 6 Airhead roles. A Starter Launchpad is the first launchpad that each user owns when they access Airhead for the first time. 

Important points to note

  • The Starter Launchpad will be owned by the user at first login. The user takes a copy of the Starter Launchpad when they sign up to Airhead.
  • The user may edit/update the launchpad as they see fit.
  • The Starter Launchpad is not a shared launchpad.
  • Users get the copy of the Starter Launchpad that the administrator has set at the point of first login. Subsequent edits by the administrator will only be seen by new users who sign in after the changes have been made.

By default, Starter Launchpads are inherited from the tier above. To make changes, you must click 'Override':

You can now Edit the Starter Launchpad:

Editing a Starter Launchpad is the same as editing an ordinary launchpad. You can change the name and description:

You can add tiles from the tile picker:

When you have finished editing the Starter Launchpad, click Finish. Repeat for all roles.


As Starter Launchpads follow the hierarchical model, administrators at higher tiers may wish to either allow or deny administrators at the tier below the ability to override the Starter Launchpads. This is controlled by the checkbox: