A Noticeboard is a special flightdeck that, once enabled, all applicable users will land on upon login. The Noticeboard follows the hierarchical model. Therefore, a Noticeboard can be enabled at the tenant, local authority, cluster and establishment levels. Like permissions, Noticeboards are inherited from the tier above and can be overridden. Administrators at the tiers above the establishment can also disable override if they wish to push a Noticeboard down to the tiers below.

Overriding and editing a Noticeboard

By default, at any tier in the hierarchy, the Noticeboard will automatically be inherited from the tier above. To begin editing the Noticeboard, you must click the override button:

Tick the 'Noticeboard is enabled' checkbox to enable the Noticeboard:

If you are operating at a tier above the establishment level and do not wish the levels below to override your Noticeboard then uncheck 'Allow administrators below this level to create their own noticeboards'. To begin editing the Noticeboard, click 'Edit noticeboard':

Editing a Noticeboard is similar to editing a Flightdeck. You can add widgets from the widget picker and edit them as required. To change the name of the Noticeboard, which will appear in the top navigation bar, click the arrow at the top right of the screen and choose 'Rename noticeboard':

Rename the Noticeboard as required and click 'Rename':

Once you have finished editing the Noticeboard click 'Publish':

You will be taken back to the admin screen:

Note that changes take effect after 5 minutes. The changes will be processed by the system and pushed out to all affected users.

Stop overriding

At any time, you may wish to 'Stop overriding' and inherit the Noticeboard from the tier above:

Note that when you stop overriding, you will lose all content on your Noticeboard and this cannot be undone: