In the Airhead platform, users have the ability to share with individuals and groups. Groups in Airhead are created from data that comes from a series of 'group providers'. Some group providers sync automatically with the data source, some must be manually synced and some do not require synchronisation. 

Drilling into a group provider shows how many groups are present:

Drilling into any group show the number of members in that group:

Clicking on any group member will display information about that user:

Group provider types

The group providers are as follows:

Emerge group provider

The Emerge group provider is configured for establishments who are integrated with the Groupcall Identity as a Service (IDaaS). These groups are synced directly from whichever MIS provider they have connected to IDaaS.

File group provider

The File group provider offers the option of creating groups and membership via XML file upload. The information in this group provider can only be modified by uploading a new XML file.

The XML schema can be found here and an example of a groups file can be found here. In order to delete a group or group membership, simply upload the file again with the group or membership omitted.

Google groups provider

The Google groups provider contains groups and group memberships that have been synced from Google Apps. This group provider typically exists at the establishment level although larger Google Apps domains containing multiple establishments may choose to sync their group information at a different level in the hierarchy.

Office 365 group provider

The Office 365 groups provider contains groups and group memberships that have been synced from Office 365. This group provider exists at the establishment level. These groups must be manually synced by clicking the 'Synchronise' button.

Role group provider

This group provider is automatically created for you by Airhead and does not require any synchronisation. This group provider is typically created at each level of the hierarchy and consists of the 6 role types that exist in Airhead:

  • Early Years
  • Non Teaching Staff
  • Other
  • Parent
  • Pupil
  • Teaching Staff

Membership of these groups is determined by your role in Airhead. You will automatically be a member of one of these groups by virtue of the role you have been assigned by your identity provider.