If you wish to view, edit or delete any of the tiles you have created, you can do this from the settings menu. Starting by clicking the cog:


Choose 'Tiles' from the settings menu. A list of all of the tiles you have created will appear:

You have the option to edit any of your personal tiles. Editing a tile will show the standard tile edit options. In the personal tile management screen, you can also delete any or all of your tiles by clicking the trash can icon next to the tile:

If you are sure you wish to delete the tile, you can click the Delete button to finalise the removal. This is a one way process; a deleted tile cannot be recovered.

Once a tile has been deleted, it will become translucent on all launchpads that it had been added to:

If you right click the tile, it is apparent that the tile has been deleted:

The only option that the launchpad owner has is to remove the tile.