You can use the Hangouts on Air widget to broadcast your Google Hangout on your Flightdeck. First you need to create and schedule a Google Hangout. Go to Google Hangouts and log in with your Google account. Click Hangouts on Air:

Click Start a Hangout on Air:

You will be taken to the Hangouts configuration page:

Give the Hangout a name and a description and schedule a start time. Your Hangout will default to Public and will be advertised on YouTube. If you do not wish this to happen, click the x to remove the public option:

If you have removed the public audience option, you will need to share with at least one person in order to save the Hangout. Either add any collaborators you wish to include or just add your own account as the audience to allow you to save the Hangout.

Now that your Hangout is configured and scheduled, you will need to get the YouTube link to be able to configure the widget. Click Links:

Copy the YouTube page link. Now go to Flightdecks and add a widget:

Choose the Hangouts on Air widget:

The widget is added to your Flightdeck. Click Add a Hangout:

The widget configuration page will open. Paste the YouTube link in and the details of your Hangout will be retrieved:

Click Save:

The widget is configured. In this example, the Hangout has been scheduled for a later time. As soon as the Hangout begins, the broadcast will display on the widget. There is a time delay of around 1 minute.