Creating a tile

If you do not wish to choose one of the many existing tiles in Airhead, you are able to create your own tile, as many times as you wish. To get started, on the launchpad that you wish to create the tile for, click the + symbol at the top right of the launchpad:

You will be taken to the tile picker. Click 'Create your own tile':

The create tile dialogue will be launched. The minimum information that you need to enter before the tile can be saved is the Name and Web address of your tile. At this point you can save the tile and the rest of the tile properties will be default.

The next section is Design. Here you can select the Colour and Effect of the tile, or you may wish to upload a custom image. Begin by choosing an icon:

The Colour section allows you to change the colour from a basic swatch of colours or you can use the advanced colour picker:

The Effect section allows you to choose from a range of effects. You can adjust the strength of the effect:

If you have a custom image, you can upload it here:

If you intend to share the tile, the Categorisation section allows you to set Type, Subject, Focus and add free text tags to help the tile appear accurately in search results:

The Sharing section allows you to share the tile to Airbase, if you have permission to do so. When you are ready to create the tile, click 'Add to launchpad':

Your custom tile has now been added to the launchpad. You have the option to create another custom tile or to close the dialogue and view your launchpad.

The custom tile will appear on the launchpad: