Share a launchpad with a group

It is easy and straightforward to share a launchpad with a group. Click the arrow on the top right of the launchpad and click 'Share':

You will be presented with a list of groups that you have permission to share with. Add the group or groups you would like to share with and click 'Save':

Your launchpad is now shared with that group and will appear in those users' menu under Launchpads 'Shared with me'. Note that the sharing icon now appears next to the name of your shared launchpad:

Updating a shared launchpad

Now that your launchpad has been shared, it is possible to publish updates to those people you have shared it with. Any of these actions will produce the 'Update button':

  • Re-order tiles.
  • Add tile.
  • Remove tile.
  • Rename launchpad.
  • Change launchpad name.
  • Change launchpad description.
  • Change launchpad categorisation.

If any of these actions are carried out, the Update dialogue will appear:

It is only when you click the update button that the changes will appear to the users that the launchpad is shared with. This feature allows you to make many changes to your launchpad before publishing them.