Enable a launchpad for public access

It is possible to grant public access to your launchpad. Once public access is enabled, the launchpad with have a publicly accessible URL that can be shared on social media. To enable public access, click Share on your launchpad:

You will be taken to the sharing options. Click the 'Public' tab:

Here, you have the option to share the launchpad publicly by ticking the check box:

Once public sharing has been enabled, you have to click 'Save now' to reveal the public access URL:

When you have saved the changes, the URL will be visible. Clicking the URL will select the entire URL which can then be copied. You also have the option whether or not to include this resource in Airbase:

To view the public version of the launchpad, copy and paste the URL into a browser window:

The launchpad is now available to the public. Note that the launchpad is less fully featured than a normal Airhead launchpad. The tiles can all be opened as normal but there are no tile options etc. Clicking Share at the top right of the launchpad will offer sharing options:

You can share to Facebook and Twitter or embed the launchpad in your blog or website. If you make subsequent changes to the launchpad, you can publish the updates and these will appear on the public version of the launchpad.