Configuring the Email widget

The email widget in Airhead allows you to pull in email items from your GMail or Office 365 account. To get started, add an email widget to your flightdeck from the widget picker. You will have an unconfigured email widget on your flightdeck. Here, you have the option to link an existing account or add a new one. This article explains how to add a Google account, for example. Click Link account and your email items will appear in the widget:

Now that your account has been linked, you will see emails appear:

The default view is your 5 most recent emails will be displayed. Clicking the cog at the top right of the widget will show the widget options:

The options are:

  • Refresh - clicking this will refresh the emails from the provider (Google or Microsoft Office 365)
  • Options - this will give you the choice to show the most recent 5 or 10 emails in the widget:

  • Rename - you can rename the widget title
  • Unlink account - this will remove the link to the email provider and return the widget to an unconfigured state
  • Copy to - allowing you to copy the widget to another of your flightdecks
  • Move to - allowing you to move the widget to another of your flightdecks
  • Remove - this will remove the widget from the flightdeck