Google accounts in Airhead

If you choose to link your Google account(s) to Airhead, you will be able to view your email and calendars in the Flightdeck widgets. It is a simple process to add a Google account. You can remove your Airhead Google link whenever you choose and this will revoke Airhead's access to any of your information stored in Google. 

Adding a Google account 

Your Google account can be added to Airhead from your settings menu. Click your profile in the top right hand of the screen and choose Settings:

Choose Accounts on the setting page and click Add Google account:

This will launch a separate pop up window in your browser. If you have multiple accounts, you will have a choice of account that you wish to link. 

Note that the Airhead application is requesting 'offline access'. This means the Airhead application will be able to ask for email and calendar items on your behalf without you having to sign back into your Google account every 60 minutes. Click Accept:

Your Google account is now listed as an authorised account in Airhead. It can be used to link to Email and Calendar widgets.