Airhead Personal Settings

Next to your user name on the right hand side of the topbar is a dropdown menu. To open it, click on the downward pointing arrow next  to your user name. The menu that opens provides options and settings that apply to the Airhead platform in general rather than any particular app specifically:

There are a number of options available to you on this menu as follows:

- About Airhead - click on this to give you general information about Airhead, our terms of service, our privacy agreement, our accessibility provisions and the current version number. 

- Settings - click on this to give you access to the settings and information about you including your role, your permissions, your profile ID and the groups that you are a member of. 

- Help centre - click on this to open our help centre. This provides general ‘how to’ information designed to help you through the basic functionality of  Airhead. 

- Send feedback - click on this if you want to complete the feedback form and make suggestions about new functionality you want to see or things that aren’t working for you. 

- Log out - click on this to log out of Airhead completely. You should always log out of Airhead when you finish using it. Note that logging out of Airhead will not log you out of your Identity Provider. When the Airhead logout process has completed, you will be redirected to your Identity Provider where you can also log out if you choose.


When you open ‘Settings’ you will see the settings dialogue. If you are not an Airhead Administrator, you will only see the ‘Personal Settings’ tab. 

Within personal settings, there are three selections:

- General – this will give you any permitted personal settings choices

- Profile – this will give you information about your profile

- Accounts – this will tell you which additional accounts you have linked

General settings

If you have been given permission by the Airhead Administrator, you can change your background by clicking on one of the tiles available:

In order to see your profile, click on the ‘Profile’ option in ‘Settings’. This will give you information which falls into the following categories: 

- Your details

- Your permissions

- Your user and group sharing rights

- Your groups

Your details – the information in this section confirms your name, ID in Airhead, email address, locale, Airhead role and your establishment (school) name:

Your permissions – the information in this section confirms what you can do within Airhead, such as: 

- Can you user LaunchPads?

- Can you publish tiles to all users via AirBase?

- Can you share launchpads with individuals and groups?

- Can you use FlightDecks? 

- Can you share FlightDecks?

Your user and group sharing rights – the information in this section lets you know with whom you can share, such as: 

- Your establishment (school) and below

- Your cluster or federation and below

- Your local authority and below

- Your tenant and below

Usually you will only be able to share to groups and individuals within your school. If you are a member of a group of schools (such as a cluster or federation) or even a whole Authority that has purchased Airhead, you may be given permission to share across schools in those groups and Authority as well. 

Your groups –this section lets you know what groups you belong to.


You can add other accounts to Airhead in order to permit access to data, such as mail and calendar, from these accounts via FlightDecks. These accounts can be managed from here: