Do I need Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365 set up for my school before I get Airhead?

If you want to take advantage of all the features of Airhead, you'll need it integrated to a domain. If you're an eligible education institution then you can run Google Apps for Education or Microsoft Office 365 for free.

If you don't have either in place, we can help you to choose one.

However, you can try out Airhead by simply logging in to with any Google, Windows Live or Yahoo! account. You won't be able to do everything you can do if it's integrated with, for example, Google Apps, but you'll get a taster of what it does.

I'm interested in moving my school to Google Apps / Microsoft Office 365. Will Airhead help me set everything up?

Yes, we will. The price for doing so will depend on your requirements. Just ask us for details.

Does my school need to install any special software to use Airhead?

No. Airhead runs in the cloud using any modern web browser.

If the Internet goes down can I still use Airhead?

If you have the Airhead application open in your browser and your Internet connection fails, you'll still be able to access your LaunchPads and FlightDecks. You'll need to wait for your connection to return before you can launch web apps or create, edit or share within Airhead. However, more and more web apps work offline as well. For example, Google Mail and Google Docs both work while offline and synchronise any changes when you reconnect to the Internet.

Do I need Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365 even if I just want to buy LaunchPads for my school?

Yes, because your Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365 account is your unique identifier to log on to Airhead rather than having yet another account. The process for setting up either Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365 is straightforward though. If you'd like us to help you do this or if you want us to do the whole thing for you, just talk to us.

How secure are usernames and passwords that you store for applications?

The first time you access Airhead, you link your Google Apps or Office 365 account to Airhead. This process creates a secure token that records that you explicitly granted access to Airhead. You can revoke it at any time. We'll never ask you for your Google or Microsoft password. To access Airhead, you will simply log on to Microsoft or Google and you will then have Single Sign On into Airhead.

Is it really true that Airhead means that we won't need a server in our school?

It is true that moving all of a school's ICT provision into the cloud means that users need only have a device that can access the Internet in order to run cloud applications. It is certainly possible to reduce or even remove the need for servers running a conventional school network. In practice, you will most likely want to have some kinds of servers in your school, such as a proxy server (to help speed up web browsing) or a server for file and print sharing.

Why should I be interested in moving my school to the cloud?

There are many reasons! Schools around the world are embracing cloud services to reduce cost and at the same time deliver higher quality ICT that is accessible anytime, anywhere. The cloud means less need for local support because applications aren't installed locally. Google Apps for Education or Microsoft Office 365 are a great place to start for most schools because they are completely free to education and offer rich and robust communication and collaboration tools. The cloud can be a bit daunting though which is where Airhead comes in!

Can Airhead reduce the cost of ICT in my school?

Yes, we think we can. If you run lots of servers, then the answer is probably yes. If you spend a significant part of your ICT budget on software licensing and support, then the answer is definitely yes. To reduce the cost of ICT, you'll need to embrace the cloud. Airhead makes the whole process easy for you. Most schools that have already gone down this path have never looked back and many have been able to redirect their ICT budgets towards providing improved Internet connectivity, buying more devices or providing more educational content and applications.